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Ways to Hire Domestic Helper in Hong Kong

There are 2 ways to hire a domestic helper in Hong Kong – Direct Hire or Hire through Full Service Agency.

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Either way, employers can browse all available helper profiles (both local and overseas helpers) on For those helper profiles uploaded by Full Service Agency, you can see an “Agent Pro” label next to the helper profile.

Make use of the filter function –
to search for helper profiles uploaded by helpers themselves, choose “Only show by helper”;
to search for helper profiles uploaded by agents, choose “Only show by agent”

If you’re interested in a helper who uploads her own profile, you will need to contact the helper yourself to set up video call interviews. After successful interviews, you will kick start the “Direct Hire” process to hire the helper. You can choose an agency who provides Direct Hire service to assist you on the visa application. Please contact us at Help Center should you need recommendation for a reliable agency.

If you’re interested in a helper whose profile is uploaded by an agent, you will see the agent’s contact in the profile. Please contact the agent directly and the agent will help you set up interviews and follow up on all the remaining steps for you.

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