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Verify a helper’s contract status and work experience yourself

All information written on helper profiles listed on are provided by helpers/ agents themselves. We highly recommend employers to check helpers’ contract status and work experiences during the interview. To verify such information, you should ask the helper to present her passport which contains previous work visas, her previous contracts and reference letters (if any), and compare the dates on visas and contracts to see if they match.

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In order to ensure accurate information delivered to you, we asked helpers to get verified. verify helpers with their Name, Visa end date on passport and Phone number. 

To verify such information, we ask the helper to present her passport and her current visa. You will be able to see a “Verification” badge in helpers’ profiles.

Importance of recommendation letter

Employers who want to hire domestic helpers with proven track records can rely on recommendations from previous employers. A recommendation can let you know that a helper’s work was appreciated and can tell you a lot about her strengths and weaknesses.

In some of the helper profiles, you can see their previous employers have left them a recommendation. And sometimes in the Experiences section, the helpers mentioned that their old employers are contactable. You can ask these helpers to provide their employers’ contact information for a reference check.

Should you need further help, feel free to contact us at Help Center. 

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