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Tips to Upload a Great Helper Profile

The first thing employers look at is your profile and your job listing will provide employers a comprehensive and accurate view of yourself.
So, creating a great job listing is critical to encourage employers to contact you and attract those who match your capabilities and preferences.

Here are some tips on how to do that:

  1. Job experience – Be specific & honest about your experiences: Did you work for a Chinese or foreign family? Took care of kids, elderly, or pets? It is best to also include your years of experience.
  1. Highlight your strengths and skills: Are you confident with childcare, newborn care? Are you good at keeping the house clean and organized? Can you cook vegetarian food or a variety of dishes? You can tick everything you can do!
  1. Include a professional photo on a neutral background to make a good first impression.
  1. Ask for a review and/or reference letter from your previous employer. Upload these letters as a photo next to your profile photo. You can include the reasons why you are not renewing with them if any. It will help a lot!
  1. Set right expectation: List down your expected wage (current minimum wage is HK$4,630 per month, especially for first time Overseas hire), Are you willing to share room?, What’s your preferred duties? is it to take care of babies?
  1. Contact Information: provide an accurate phone number (What’s app) and other contact methods for employers to contact you for interview opportunities.
  2. Introduction of yourself : This will provide employers a quick impression of your capabilities as a domestic helper! Here you can say that you are experienced or a first-time, indicate your nationality, perhaps say great characteristics, any additional or special backgrounds like nursing graduate, caregiver skillset or educating foundation, or specify how many years of experience you’ve got.

See examples below.

  • A nice Filipina helper with 10 years of experience
  • A Nursing graduate available to work as a Helper
  • A Patient and kind Filipina Helper with Caregiving skills
  • A Filipina helper who has just finished a contract, ready for a new one
  • Experienced Filipina Helper with a Teaching background
  1. Upload a Video: Show your language capability and communication skill via a Video. Remember to upload a video now!

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Please contact us at Helper Center if you need further help.

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