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The Hong Kong Employment Association said that if the government relaxes its requirements, foreign domestic helpers will arrive in Hong Kong as soon as next month

After Hong Kong implemented the “fuse mechanism” for flights to the Philippines and Indonesia, foreign domestic helpers in the local area failed to come to Hong Kong. Chen Dongfeng, chairman of the Hong Kong Employment Association, said that the Philippine and Indonesian governments have given priority to allowing foreign domestic helpers to be vaccinated against the new crown. According to his understanding, the governments of the two places and the SAR government hold regular meetings. He contacted the Philippine consulate in Hong Kong yesterday, citing the other party’s complaint about studying with the SAR government whether to allow foreign domestic helpers who have been vaccinated to work in Hong Kong.

Chen Dongfeng said on the TV program “Millenniums” that there are currently about 5,000 foreign domestic helpers who have obtained Hong Kong work visas and are stranded in the Philippines. Among them, about 20-30% have received the first dose of the vaccine and completed two doses of the vaccine. Of less than 10%. He explained that it was because the Philippine government only allowed intermediaries to give priority to vaccinations for helpers who intend to work in Hong Kong after May. Therefore, I believe that the vaccination will not be completed until the end of this month to early August. I believe that even if the SAR government relaxes the requirement for foreign domestic helpers to come to Hong Kong. No foreign domestic helpers will arrive in Hong Kong until mid-August.

Chen Dongfeng said that in the case of a shortage of foreign domestic helpers, the monthly salary of foreign domestic helpers has been robbed as high as RMB 5,500 to 6,500. Some domestic helpers even stated that if a family has many children, elderly people with limited mobility or no independent room, they will not accept the contract. , Some even show that they do not take care of children and the elderly.

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