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Prevent a Helper Backing Out

In Hong Kong, both employers and helpers have the right to back out when the new domestic helper visa is still under processing in the Immigration Department for a number of reasons.

  • To prevent a helper backing out, we suggest you keep contact with your helper and your selected agency (if you use one for paperwork) regularly to make sure the helper is continuing the application.

  • Generally Agencies do not refund if a helper back out. There are some agencies provide some buffer to employers to refund partial costs. e.g. if flight cost hasn’t been paid, agent might still be able to refund the cost. e.g. some agent offer a discount rate i.e.70% for you to hire a new helper again. Please pay attention to the terms you signed with the agency. Please contact us at Help Center if you need a reliable Direct Hire agency recommendation.

  • If you suspect a helper you find on back out without valid reason, please inform us immediately, we appreciate your feedback.

Please contact us at the Help Center if you need further help.

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