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Live-in Rule & Changing Residence Address

Location: the live-in rule

The employment contract requires a foreign domestic helper to live at the employer’s address where she also works. The employer must ensure that free “suitable accommodation and reasonable privacy” is provided as the living arrangement, but it is not clearly specified what the government exactly means by “reasonable”, in particular when it comes to the size of the room, as well as its location in the flat.

That said, according to the standard employment contract, domestic helpers should not sleep in the same room as anyone of the opposite sex unless they are children (note: they cannot be teenagers). 

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Changing residence address

If you have moved, you need to update the address on the domestic helper employment contract. You should complete the form “Revised Schedule of Accommodation and Domestic Duties” (ID407G) and submit it to the Immigration Department.

If you are moving to a flat in a housing estate run by the Housing Department/Hong Kong Housing Society, you need to produce a letter of consent from the Housing Department/Hong Kong Housing Society granting permission for your domestic helper to reside in the premises and a copy of the tenancy agreement.

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