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How to Avoid Unethical Agency and unreasonable Agency Fees?

The information about hiring cost is very unclear to lots of helpers, please read our article “Who pays what? Cost to Helper to work in Hong Kong” for more details about the hiring cost. Here we will focus on helping you to avoid unethical agencies who charge unreasonable agency fees.  

First of all, according to the law, your Employer is supposed to pay all the documentation fees incurred during the hiring process, and the agency is not allowed to charge any Agency/ Placement fees to you in the Philippines. The only fees that the Agency is allowed to charge you is the Training fee, Medical examination and any necessary miscellaneous fees. This should only be around 3,000 – 5,000 peso. Through connecting to an Employer via, you have the absolute option to choose an ethical agency to process your paper. If the agency chosen by your Employer is charging you an unreasonable Agency fee, you should inform your Employer immediately to change Agency. 

Contact us at Help Center if you need help recommending an ethical and reliable agency. 

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