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First of all, please read our article “Who pays what? What should helper pay to work in HK?for more details about the hiring cost. In summary, all documentation costs should be beared by Employer. Agency in Philippines is not allowed to charge you any Agency fee but they are allowed to collect Training Fees, Training fee, Medical examination and any necessary miscellaneous fees from you. 

If you’re first time to Hong Kong, you might wonder about the potential expenses incurred during my process to be able to work in Hong Kong. Here’s a list of examples.

helper budget

  • Training fees (if you’re working outside of the Philippines for the first time) 3,000 – 5,000 peso
  • Passport fee (if you don’t have passport or your passport expire)
  • The mandatory seminar fees by Philippine authorities – OWWA membership fee – USD 25 (or its PHP equivalent)
  • Any transportation fees to the city of the Training Center (e.g. you might travel from IloIlo City to Manila based Training Center) 
  • Any lodging fees incurred (as needed)
  • Pag-IBIG contribution – Minimum of PHP  100 each month
  • PhilHealth contribution – PHP  2,400 for one-year coverage

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