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Hiring Guide for Employer

“You could learn how to hiring a domestic helper here! “

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Helperfamily.com as an employer?2021-03-03T02:25:59+08:00

Everyone can register an account on helperfamily.com. As an employer, you can register an account to bookmark your favourite helpers.

There are thousands of available helpers and agents uploading their profiles on Helperfamily.com. You can browse all the information on our site freely. The advance filter function allows you to filter helpers based on your criteria e.g. nationality, current contract status, years of experience, skill sets, date of availability and etc. You can then bookmark your favourable helpers and contact helpers (phone/ whatsapp/ email) directly for a video call interview.

Meanwhile, you can also browse available helper profiles uploaded by Agencies. Filter helpers with “Agent Pro” label to choose helpers that are available and verified by an agency already.

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Do I need to hire a domestic helper through an agency?2021-03-03T02:33:45+08:00

You don’t have to! You can hire a domestic helper by your own or through an agency in Hong Kong. On helperfamily.com, we have thousands of available helper profiles uploaded by both the helpers themselves and agencies. You can choose a helper based on your needs and criteria.

Finding a helper yourself and then proceeding with the visa application via an Agency (Direct Hire service) can only cost you between $2000 – $4000. If the helper is Filipino and finishing a contract in HK, you can even proceed with the visa yourself with as low as ~$1000 application fees only!

Of course, some employers still prefer to pay more (somewhere between $8000 to $12,000) to hire through an agency to enjoy the hussle free services and professional recommendations. The agent will arrange interviews for you. Filter helpers with “Agent Pro” label on helperfamily.com to find helpers uploaded by an agent!

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Do I need to pay to use Helperfamily.com as an Employer?2021-03-03T02:35:59+08:00

It’s free of charge for Employer to use our site.

Helperfamily.com is one of the largest platforms for Employers and Helpers in Hong Kong.

Feel free to register an account, browse all available helpers and search helpers based on your criteria for free!

Why should I use Helperfamily.com but not others?2021-03-03T02:53:16+08:00

Helperfamily.com is one of the largest platforms for Employers and Helpers in Hong Kong. There are thousands of helpers and agents uploading available helper profiles on our site.

You have access to all this information for free! We also connect to thousands of agents in Hong Kong. On helperfamily.com, you can find all available helpers for Hong Kong either through Direct Hire (when the helpers upload their own profile) or Full Service Agency (when an agent upload their available helpers’ profile).

At Helperfamily.com, we aim to make Domestic Helper information accessible to everyone! You can also make use of our filter & search function to filter helper profiles based on your set criteria e.g. age, nationality, years of experience and etc. 

Can I bring a helper to China?2021-03-04T18:36:26+08:00

Yes. You can take your Helper to China but you cannot ask her to work and let her stay there for a long period of time. Helper should have a special visa entry from Immigration. The employer also needs to have a supporting letter from the Hong Kong immigration Department.

Please be reminded that working in China is illegal for Domestic Helper who is holder of HK Foreign Domestic Helper Visa. It can result in substantial penalties to both employer and helper. You may also contact the Immigration Department for further information.

Currently, only expats in Guangdong province including Hong Kong and Macau residents can apply for a work visa for their domestic helpers. Chinese nationals are not allowed to hire a helper to work in the country.

Can I hire a live-out helper?2021-03-04T18:39:11+08:00

According to the Employment Ordinance, a Helper must stay in his/her employer’s premises.

Some Foreign Domestic Helpers get hired for a part time job is also against the law and is subject to penalties.

Can I hire a part-time helper?2021-03-04T18:41:38+08:00

Holder of Hong Kong Foreign Domestic Helper Visa is NOT allowed to get hired for a part time job. Hiring a part-time helper is against the law and is subject to penalties. It can result in substantial penalties to both employer and helper.

If you are looking for part-time help, you should hire a person with local citizenship.

Medical check-up upon helper’s arrival?2021-03-04T18:42:59+08:00

Medical check-up will be done in the helper’s home country; however it is okay if the employer prefers the helper to take a medical check-up upon arrival, extra charges apply.

In Hong Kong and Singapore, it is optional to send your helper for a medical checkup after she arrives. In some Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar, a medical checkup upon helper’s arrival is mandatory for domestic helper visa application.

Can a helper cross-country?2021-03-04T18:44:26+08:00

A helper cannot cross-country. Meaning, if a helper wishes to work in Hong Kong while he/she is now located in any countries other than the country of origin, he/she must return to the country of origin and process all the documents in his/her own country.

When to pay for a helper’s flight ticket?2021-03-04T18:47:10+08:00

According to the practice instituted by the Labour Department, an employer is obliged to provide domestic Helper’s flight ticket to Hong Kong and responsible for the travel expenses from Hong Kong back to his/her country of origin under the employment contract.

For terminated helpers, he/she must be provided with travel expenses back to his/her country of origin. The mutual agreement should be settled by both employer and employee before the end of the visa to avoid overstaying.

When can your new helper start working?2021-03-04T18:50:38+08:00

A helper can start to work as soon as he/she is issued with a new visa. If he/she still has a current valid visa, she is not allowed to work with any other employers.

‘Finished contract’ helpers can usually start 4-6 weeks after starting the paperwork process.

Helpers who are terminated due to relocation or financial reasons can usually start 5 to 7 weeks after processing starts.

Helpers with ‘break’ and ‘terminated’ contract status can usually only start their jobs after 8-12 weeks

Those who are overseas and moving to Hong Kong for the first time will normally be able to start 10-12 weeks from signing.

Remember, your domestic worker can only start working for you once his or her visa has been processed. In the meantime, you can prepare your helper’s living space (which must be ‘suitable’ and must have reasonable privacy, according to the Immigration Department’s rules) and take out a mandatory insurance policy that covers your liability should your helper be injured on the job.

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