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About Full Service Agency and the Services Provided

Full service agency provides an all-in-one package comprising employment consultant service.

Besides covering paper processing service, it usually covers consultation services, recommendations on the right helpers as well as after sales services. The cost might be higher than “Direct Hire”, the cost of it ranges from $8,000 to $15,000 depends on the different agency’s price table. 

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On, you can browse all available helpers uploaded by Full Service Agency. In those cases, helper profiles are labelled as “Agent Pro”. You can also use an advanced filter function to search for helpers available from Full Service Agency with the label “Agent Pro”. Generally the helpers from Agencies are verified and well-prepared for interview.

Agencies offer different services in their packages,the most common being:

  • Contract and visa processing (at the helper’s embassy and Hong Kong’s Immigration Department)
  • Covering entry visa fees
  • Helpers’ medical check-ups (tests for syphilis, Hepatitis B, HIV, pregnancy, etc.)
  • Helpers’ flights from their home countries to Hong Kong
  • Airport transfer services
  • Accommodation for the helper upon arrival (for a limited time)
  • Assisting helpers with their applications for Hong Kong ID cards
  • Translation booklets and counseling services for helpers

Other than Full Service Agency, employers can also find helpers who uploaded their own profiles to In this case, employers will only need an Agent to process contact and visa applications on behalf of them (also known as the “Direct Hire” service). 

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Please contact us at the Help Center if you need further help. 

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